Adding a line to Select Choice FAM UNL TT 60 plan

  • 5 December 2023
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My wife and I are on the Select Choice FAM UNL TT 60 plan. We have also added my sister to the plan making it 3 lines. Now I am considering adding my brother to the line. I went through the menu to add a line and it says it will cost $25 per month. I want to know how many Gb of hotspot data this includes and if my government worker discount will be taken off this $25. Anyone have any ideas?

2 replies

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@HeavenM should be able to help. I know some features on those plans may not available.

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Hey there. That was a really good rate plan and the low cost for the new lines was so awesome. The data feature that you get should come with unlimited data for the phone to use. I am not sure what the hotspot amount is based on the information you provided. When you are going through the order, it should tell you all the benefits that you are getting, including the amount of hotspot. If you already added the line, you can log in to your account and then go to the account tab. Select the new line and scroll down a bit to the Active Add-ons. That will show you the amount on data and hotspot that the line comes with. 

Hope this helps