assurant insurance is a scam!

  • 10 August 2023
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I can’t even begin to tell the story because it is infuriating, but it isn’t any different than the horrible experiences reported by so many others here and across the internet on what a lying, horrible, rip off scam assaurant is. They cost me so much in lost time and money and it’s disgusting that T-Mobile would partner with such a gross business… and a terrible reflection on T-Mobile. I’ve been with T-Mobile EASILY OVER 10 years, during which time I’ve payed out hundreds, if not thousands of $ for insurance coverage and have *never* filed a claim. And the one time I do it was such a horrible process I ended up having to buy a new phone from T-Mobile anyway just so I can do my job!


it is a disgusting scam. Shame on T-Mobile for lying to customers about assurant and basically coercing them to use it as if there are no other options. Buyer beware. Take pictures of everything and save as much as you can. Even the reps who helped me get a new phone at the T-Mobile store told me the insurance is a scam!!!

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