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  • 29 August 2017
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Please forward this complaint to the correct department. 

My son had issue with his cell phone and needed a new one while he was at college.  After we struggled through the process and finally just ordered him a phone from T-Mobile online, I was informed all I needed to do was provide him full access to my account.  I logged onto My T-Mobile and change his and all other users on my account access to full access. 

Today, another person on my account had issues with a phone.  They went to T-Mobile store and were told they could not do anything because they were not an authorized user.  Why can I not authorize a user on My T-Mobile?  When I asked customer service, I was given a line about protecting my security.  Here is the truth.  Having a person call in and give information over a phone to a rep is not more secure than me using the internet.  In fact, it is less because someone at your company now knows my business. 

I should be able to manage all aspect of my account through my T-Mobile.  If I cannot, what is the purpose for having the various access levels listed.  Able to do somethings via the web and then making me call in for others is not more secure and is not beneficial to the customer.  A person could just as easily fraud your representative as they can a web site.

Finally, I was informed by the rep that the only way to provide feedback is to email the CEO.  She offered to provide the email address, I asked if it was on the website.  The rep said the email contact was on the website.  I just looked all over both the T-Mobile site and the My T-Mobile site.  There is no simple way to provide feedback/complaints and the CEO email address is not listed.  I tried to start a chat to get this information.  After 10 minutes of waiting for an initial response on chat, I hung up.  Not a good night for T-Mobile service.

10 replies

I have the same problem and I am a senior citizen with a health issue requiring a life -line-or magenta access.Could be life or death.I get aren't the acct.holder. I am a standard authorized user."Doesn't ring a bell, what's thst?" In the middle of chest pains or asthma I don't need that.

Seriously service was better from an office where wmployees all worked with supervisors overseeing them.Please bring back the old Monopolies if you loose customers to an emergency and your people don't care .

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I just got my T-Mobile gateway and it's not working I was on phone with a T-Mobile representative for over an hour and nothing got accomplished

and you are wanting to assign people on your account to have full access to your account or to be an authorized user of your account?

I just got my T-Mobile gateway and it's not working I was on phone with a T-Mobile representative for over an hour and nothing got accomplished


Im on the other end of this conversation.  I am a mother of 4 grown children. If they are not paying their portion of the bill, I have to pay it or my like gets cut off too.  So in my case, I do NOT want one of the children to be able to add a line, or upgrade their phone add a new EIP or anything without my permission. Because in the end, the bill is mine.  With that said, Tmobile representative at a store allowed one of the children to add a 1200 EIP without my knowledge and I didnt know it until the bill came. They did NOT have full access on the site, but were still allowed to do it. I am not happy

Couldn't agree more.  I get it... these companies want [nothing] to do with customers potential domestic squabbles, or privacy vilations - of which phones and thier messaging services will always be part of.  Meanwhile you'll notice, it's the phone companies and their app vendors, keep pushing ever more better software for us, to hide who we are on line, and lie to each other.  Maybe it should be "us" more worried about "them?"

In the end Tmobiles aggresive stance on permissions, I'd say, ends up treating their customer like 12 yr olds. It must've taken 2 years and 10 phone calls, I think, before Tmobile finally got it so ALL our lines could indenpently take control of each other.  Still, now I get to tell people I'm "authorized"  😎   And when my wife gets home, if she's in a good mood, and I've been a "good boy," I might even get some "full access"  😊   (at least for the night).

Yea, outsourcing companies to call centers with people that don't even know what the hell they are doing and just BS you even after you call them out and give the evidence to facts is just disgusting. one took over an hour with them running around and having us on hold to repeated holds and having us run with their gimmicks and games. The account holder was there on a three way, and they just lie to BS their accountability and responsibilities. I just got off the phone again.

T-mobile is sadly not the grade-A start-up it once was. Get those people fired, get some people that actually care and in.

The "supervisor" didn't and never could do anything.

Also, call during only US business hours. Even then... Nepostism and just filling the ranks. Ridiculous. They ruin great brands and names, companies and entities.

Hi Lauren.  I have a similar situation.  I am a member of a "friends and family plan" (not the primary).  I would like to be able to purchase a new phone or accessory for MY OWN ACCOUNT with my own form of payment without affecting anybody else.  What user status must I be in order to do this?  How do I accomplish this?  I almost missed out on a good deal from T-Mobile because I was getting the run around while on the phone with T-MO.  Finally got the primary user to purchase for me.  He will not always be available everytime I need to do something with MY account.

Hope you understand my situation.


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Thank you so much for reaching out @todd3368​!

Our apologies for the confusion on getting your concerns sent up, our representatives should own their calls and do have several avenues to send feedback up the chain without sending you on a chase after senior leadership-that's definitely on us and should not have happened.

I'll be happy to make sure your feedback is sent along myself so you aren't on a hunt. In the past I have sent up similar feedback and the response had been due to the risk of having someone borrow or pick up the Primary Account Holders device, getting into an already logged into app, and proceeding to add authorized users who can later go into a store with ID and make purchases or changes has been a big concern. That said, we consider ourselves an agile company and what was once the case doesn't mean it always will be, and we definitely are in the business of doing what is best for our customers and are always looking for feedback.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I will certainly have your feedback and experience passed along!

Before I finish, I just wanted to check to see if the issue your son was having with his phone had been resolved, if not, please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist!

Thank you so much.


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An authorized user can make feature changes. A full access user knows your SSN and other private data and can open new lines and start new EIPs in your name using your credit.