Awful customer service on returned phone

  • 23 March 2022
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4 months ago I took advantage of the free upgrade on our 2 phones - iphone 11 to 13.  Did all this at one of their stores.  You don’t physically return the old phones to the store, but instead they send you a box to put the phones in and you take them to a UPS store to ship them back - which I did.  Now I have been fighting with them for three months because they say they only received one phone.  I have the receipt from UPS with the weight and the serial numbers I recorded as I shipped them.  I shipped them exactly as they specified, putting both phones in the one box they supplied that had a partition specifically designed for shipping two phones.  They say they only show they received one phone.  After many multiple calls to customer support they finally said they can’t help and I have to go to the store.  Still charging me an installment for one phone.  The store manager spent his time also and said it was fixed.  But it isn’t.  Just checked and they still have the installment charge listed.  So now I have to go to the store when the manager is there and try again.  I have hours of time in this now.  Never had issues like this with Sprint.  They have no way to escalate beyond a customer service person in some far off land.  I asked to be transferred to a higher level and they evidently have no way to do that other than physically going to a store.  As a side note - did you know that they do not list anyway to complain or resolve an issue other their one level customer service?  No phone number, messaging, or email - send them a letter.  You can find an address in Arizona if you look long enough.  I am sending this to the community because there is no way to send this to TMobile.

1 reply

I've had home internet for 3 months now and still no way to control any of it. It keeps getting shut down but I have no notice, except my security camera's going off line. I have also spent days, hrs and been switched from one representative to another since I've had it. Still nothing. Will not let me log in to my t-mobile account. This company doesn't have the training beyond sales and selling you everything you don't need. I'm so sorry to hear about your problem. Never been so frustrated,  this is why I went back to Straighttalk. I talk to real people who have the ability to solve problems.  I wish you the best.