Beyond Frustrated with Customer Support


I’ve just about had it with T-Mobile.  Here’s the situation:

In September, I upgraded to iphones for my entire family.  That made our Galaxy Watches useless.  So I upgraded the watches to Apple Watches.  One I activated right away and the other two I waited to activate as I wanted to give them as Christmas gifts.  The Galaxy Watches remained on my account as I had to wait for the promotions to end.  

After a month or so, I noticed my bill was all jacked up with all the changes.  Called Customer Support and told them the situation.  Was told at that time my watches would all have the plan charge cut in half on activation.  The Customer Support Specialist even gave me a credit on the account to make up for the extra amount I would have to pay so I didn’t have to activate the watches I was giving as Christmas gifts.  Great experience and she seemed very helpful.

After Christmas, I activated the Apple watches and did not see the discounts take effect.  Called T-mobile and was told the Apple watches were actually bought on a buy one get one half off service promotion and the specialist I spoke to in September was wrong.  I would not be getting any discounts and would be paying full price on 2 out of the 3 watches.  Very frustrated, but was willing to understand mistakes get made.  Spoke to a supervisor.  Successfully canceled 2 out of my 3 Galaxy lines.

Today I called to cancel my final Galaxy line.  This person tells me if I cancel that line, I lose the remaining discount I have because I made changes to my watch lines within one year.  Funny this never came up when I canceled the two previous lines!  So incredibly frustrated!

Why can’t T-mobile get their act straight?  Nobody is on the same page and it seems like they are just trying to screw people over with their poor information.  I don’t know how to rectify it at this point.  Customer service doesn’t know what they are doing.

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