• 4 October 2023
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I came to the T-Mobile store in Sept to have my Hotspot looked at because a battery problem and to ask about moving my consumer cell phone over to T-Mobile.  the customer care person told me about the T-Mobile home internet. I said OK and got sent a Home internet box. I used my T-Mobile hotspot for when I travel. But they shut down my hotspot which I wanted to continue. I called and said no that I still wanted to continue my Hotspot,  The representative had trouble getting it back on working and tried several times with much time on the phone. she said try my hotspot after 24 hours. I continue to have problems with it, then took it back to the T-Mobile store and he had trouble getting it working again. He called someone else they spent much time finally getting it working.  I then tried it at home and it was working then stopped again. After much frustration I said please remove it. and maybe later I would just purchase a new one from T-Mobile. When I spoke to the first lady on the phone under great amount of time trying to troubleshoot this she said the charges would be removed.  But the bill shows the charges were not removed from Sept 11.




Partial plan charges and credits explained

Due to changes you made last bill period, a partial plan charge of $80.12 (prorated) is included in the current bill period.

Sep 01, 1 line added: (563) 366-9015
$44.00 prorated charge (Sep 01-Sep 30)

Sep 11, 3 lines removed: (319) 508-6012, (319) 409-4532 & (319) 288-7903
$5.50 prorated charge (Sep 11-Sep 13)
$23.83 prorated charge (Sep 18-Sep 30)
$6.79 prorated charge (Sep 07-Sep 18)

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