Buyer Beware! I was scammed.

  • 29 September 2023
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I recently came over to t-mobile.  I called the sales lines to see what I could be offered to switch.  Here is what I was told over the phone (it was recorded but they say they can’t find it) 

  1.  4 phones included at no charge.
  2. unlimited talk, text, and data.  That’s all I want.
  3. Sales person gave me a price of $148 per month all in with some credit coming back after the first three months.  
  4. I have never seen a “credit back” and I assume they just feel like people forget and let it go as it’s automatically debited.

I have never received a bill even close to that amount.  I have called repeatedly and asked them to get in touch with the sales person to try to resolve the issue.  I am repeatedly being told that no one inside t-mobile can actually call anyone outside of the service department.  How is that possible?  In our world of tech and with a phone company you are telling me we can’t call anyone?  I’d stay away from this company or at the very least go into the store and not agree to anything until you have a copy of the agreement and the total of the monthly bill.  I also would not agree to any promotions that would be credited back as that won’t happen either.  Total scam.  

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