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  • 17 April 2024
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Ive had this issue for years. When we switched from Verizon to Tmo, we were under my daughter in laws plan. After 6 months or so we switched to our own plan. I went into our account and assigned everyones caller ID name to their name, including mine.


When I call a landline, my caller ID comes up as my DILs name. I called over a year ago and they said they have 3 databases and needed to update it and would call me back in 72 hours. Well no call. Life happens and it was months before I called back to get the status. “Should be fixed” Tmo said. Well its not. A month or 2 ago I called in again and they said they would submit a ticket and call me in 72 hours. No call.


I called today and rep thought I meant my name on my account (That I previously changed), and I had to correct him several times till he looked at past tickets. He came back and asked if it was showing up as my DIL name on land lines. YES! Thats the only place it shows up like that. “Youll have to address that with the land line company as we have no control over that”


So I need to call every land line company in the WORLD and address it???? It doesnt just happen on 1 land line, ANY land line I call it shows my DILs name. My 98 year old grandmother who doesnt even know my DIL sees a strange name and doesnt answer the phone. My wife at work (yes she knows the name and sees my number) says it comes up as her daughters name.


Can someone get their act together??

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All T-Mobile can do is to rebroadcast the name-number association. They can’t go out with a gun and force other phone companies to update their databases. The way it works is that all the company who receives the call gets is your number. They then lookup the name in their database, using the number. There’s a regular process whereby companies send out new name-number associations but there is no process to force other companies to update their databases. BTW, names stored in the phone override what the phone company sends out. So people need to also check their phones.

One thing you can do is to make small changes in your name in T-Mobile’s account page. (e.g. John Doe vs. John G Doe). When you do this it broadcasts a new name-number association to the various companies. You don’t have to talk with CS or argue with them.  Do it once a week. 17th time’s the charm.