can a gift card be used for payment on claim

  • 16 July 2017
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I need to pay in order to get replacement form but wallet was stolen as well and i dont have licence number for checking so can i use a prepaid giftt



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that never answered the question. She asked if a gift card can be used to pay T-mobile bill. Answer The doesnt mean anything, 'use your gift card for anything'   She asked specifically if t-mobile takes gift cards...not talking ones issued by t mobile 

I try to use the visa(gift card)to add the balance while I need

to fill the blank for name.  There is no name on a gift car, then what should I fill it ?

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Hey, @diazitzel​! Generally speaking, @snn_555​ is correct about the limitations of a T-Mobile gift card and universal use aspect of a Visa/MC/AMEX prepaid card. Assurant may have policies in place that require a card name to deter fraud and prevent false claims, but I've not had the experience of needing to ask! Were you able to get your claim filed with them using a prepaid gift card?

- Marissa

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If it is branded for T-Mobile they can only be used at a T-Mobile store or to make payments on your T-Mobile account or online to buy products and services accessories. If it is a prepaid MasterCard or Visa they can be used however you wish as a debit card.