Can an eSIM be activated on a postpaid account WITHOUT going to a store?

  • 4 September 2019
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I was very thrilled to learn eSIM is now supported on postpaid accounts!!!  😊   But I need a true Expert to advise if one can activate the eSIM on a qualified phone without having to visit a store, and if so, how. 

I spent 90 minutes today bouncing around on the phone with some support folks that clearly could not accomplish the mission.  They had me try a litany of methods that I had already read would not work, (like downloading the T-Mobile eSIM app (prepaid only), referencing other experts, call backs, blah blah blah, ad nauseum.  I though I was going to have success when I convinced one rep that they would need the EID from the phone, and after putting me on hold the rep did ask for it.  But in the end my happiness bubble was burst.

I was finally told I had to go to a store.  Really?  Please tell me it is not true!


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3 replies

Update:  It's a matter of winning the support rep lottery, which is not surprising considering how early it is in the rollout of this new (to T-Mobile) feature activation.

Kudos to rep Aram for making today a brighter day!

How do we get the right rep and get it done?  Also, I cannot sign into my account as the security question is not one that I would pick or use and it cannot be changed or ask for a new one???

Just contact tech support via chat (my recommendation) or call and provide them your EID for esim activation followed by confirming/adding your new cellular data plan via QR CODE or Config profile the rep will send. (manual entry for sm+dp address; T-MOBILE.GDSB.NET)