Can't change line nicknames...

  • 27 August 2017
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As the primary account holder, I have tried multiple times to change one of the lines on my account. I've contacted T-Mobile to request that they do it on their end. The name changes on their end, but on my end, whether in my account on the Web site or on the app, the nickname stays the same (incorrect)...

No matter what I do I can't change the nickname.

Any others out there encounter this problem and have come across a fix?


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15 replies

I'm actually experiencing the same exact issue right now. I spoke to a couple of representatives over chat about it. Apparently there's an issue right now with the Profile Settings on My T-Mobile which is impacting this. I hope they get it resolved quickly as I have many lines on my account and I rely on that nickname setting to tell numbers apart. I will be following up with them in the next 5-7 days to see if there is any update. I hope this helped.

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Hey @glenn1441 and @orodrig23

I was not actually able to find this issue listed anywhere in in our internal documents. Are you folks still having issues updating the line names?

Yes. As primary account holder I cannot edit, change and save nicknames for

lines on my account, whether using the app, the website, the mobile site or

via calling customer service.

A service ticket was created August 19, 2017... it remains open.

Having the exact same issue. Documentation is of no help, as it does not work correctly. Nicknames stay the same.

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Thanks for confirming folks! I apologize that you are still having issues 😥 A service ticket is going to be the best way to go about getting this addressed by the web team. @rmart78​if you have not already done so, please Contact Us so that we can get a service ticket open for you as well.

FYI, I just signed up for T-mobile today and I am having the same issue

Just signed-up for service, and am having the same problem. I put in new names and click "Save". Don't see any error messages, but the names don't get updated. Tried changing the names in the Android app, but that's an even bigger mess. Not getting a good feeling about moving to T-Mobile right now.

Looks like this is still happening, changing the names through the regular "line" options doesn't stick. Mine get reset to lastname lastname for line1 and lastname <null> for line2.

Luckily after little poking I was able to find a workaround by using the Digits page:

Changing nickname there seems to stick and is also reflected on the line options page.. just don't try to change it again afterwards using the broken way or you have to do it all again.

Thanks for chiming in. Were you trying to update first and last name, or just first name? I tried to update on the digits page, but when I went back to profile it squeezed both first and last name into the first name field. The last name field remained the same. I am trying to update both the first and last name on one of my lines.

Exactly the same thing happens to me - I have four lines and nicknames can't be successfully updated for any of them - whenever I enter [firstname] [lastname] it later appears as [lastname] [lastname] or [lastname] [null] on each line - very annoying and kind of useless if you have a family that, oh I don't know, has a common last name!

When I try to use the digits page and enter [firstname] [lastname] I then end up with [firstname lastname] [lastname] on all the profiles - so it would look like this - enter the name "John Smith" and I either get "Smith Smith" or "Smith [null]" everwhere a nickname is displayed and if I enter it from the digits page as "John Smith" it shows up on the website, the app, and everywhere else as "John Smith Smith" -  plus everywhere a first name is used online the last name is shown instead so messages like "Welcome, Smith" shows up everywhere!

You think that the technology folks at T-Mobile could kind of fix this a lot easier than running a nationwide communications network...

Add me to the list of those affected! Same thing here. Attempting to update the name under Profile results in the last name showing as the first name and the last name being null.

The Digits fix did work but only for the first name. T-Mobile really needs to fix this...

Same here - interesting enough the lines I bought new on our plan are correct but the phones I ported over from Verizon don't save after I change them? Nor can I change "unknown device"?

When I click Line Settings the table to the right is completely blank.  I am unable to edit the line names as I was before.

My package was sent to the ups facility for pick up without my last name. Now i can't pick up my package. Has anyone had this problem? I called t mobile and they said the only way you can receive your package is it goes back to the sender. Ups has a policy of leaving a package for 5 business days and then it can go back to the sender. I have to wait another week for my iphone 11 for no reason.

4 years later, in 2021, the primary account holder still cannot change the names/nicknames associated with each number on the account! @tmo_chris I’ve requested for changes several times on the phone and each time was promised that it would be changed (because the website/app doesn’t have this feature) but after a day or two, nothing has happened. I’m just tired of the fact that something this simple shouldn’t take years to fix.