Dead Spots

  • 23 April 2023
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I have had this issue for many months. There are areas in the Miami area where calls get dropped off , texts do not get sent and no internet coverage. TMobiles response is WE ARE WORKING ON THE TOWERS TO UPGRADE THE NETWORK. I have a 4G Iphone 11 and I thought this isseu does not happen with a 5G phone. , so I went to a TMobile store and of course they tried to upgrade my phone. Except the customer behind me told me not to do it because he was there with the same issue and he has a 5G phone so the only solution TMOble had was to sell me a HotSpot for and extra $10 a month. I had to do it because I cannot afford dead spots since I use my phone for work . Frankly I am about to switch carriers. Can anyone provide any insight on this? 

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