Do you lose your number if you don't pay for prepaid?

  • 15 June 2021
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Hi all,

I have been overseas for a year but I will be returning to the US soon. I didn’t continue paying the $40 plan I was on, and it’s probably over the time frame where I can.

Does this mean my number is now lost? I am planning to return to the US soon and I would like to get my phone number back. Is there a way I can pay for it again?

I tried logging into my T-mobile account but it wants me to link a phone number to the account, and I can’t receive the text verification because I am still overseas. Does this mean my number is lost already? 

Thanks in advance. 

1 reply

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60 days of an inactive plan (not enough funds for the plan to be active) pretty much guarantees the SIM will be deactivated and the number goes back into the system to eventually be reassigned.