e-sim activation on new iPhone for existing T-M customer

  • 3 February 2022
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Bought new iPhone 13 online from T-M, and was able to use online T-M help to transfer data from my old iPhone, but online T-M help for e-sim activation is very confusing.  Finally went to local T-M store where they took care of e-sim activation quickly.  I was told that getting a unique QR code to scan with your new iPhone to link e-sim (and iPhone SEID #) to my T-M account can ONLY be done by calling T-M or an in person T-M store visit, NOT online.  This is NOT clear in online T-M help and I wasted 2 hours trying to figure out how to get a QR code online.  Please clarify the (too numerous) places where this is discussed in online T-M help.


1 reply

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Sorry this wasn’t made clear. Looking at our T-Mobile eSIM page, there are specific instructions you can follow to do this yourself online, but there are options to do it in the store or on the phone if you have any hiccups.