Email to Text message NOT working

  • 18 November 2020
  • 5 replies


I am trying to email to text message. However, it doesn’t seem to be working. I am trying to test it on myself sending an email from my account to my Tmobile number. 


I’ve looked through the threads with no definitive solution.


Any help?

5 replies


Used to work well for me. Now not working at all. No error message. Nothing.

Difficult to find answers.

Links are no help.

Ever since merge with Sprint and/or recent change in leadership, this and other functions of T-Mobile have continued to sink. They used to be great.

Thinking perhaps it is time for consideration of change to ATT, Verizon, others.

Too bad, I’ve been with T-mobile for 20+ years.



Same with me, but just from my corporate mail if I trying to sent from mail like: mi******, where I have an  account, it’s dose not work, but from usual one it’s ok.

Not working for me either

Sent email to (10 digit mobile #) not working

Text came through...just took 2hrs to come through