End of Sprint Lease Contract

  • 1 May 2021
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I’m at the end of my lease contract with Sprint.  I have 7 iPhone 11s and have the choice of:

  1. walk away next month, returning the phones 
  2. purchase the phones and just keep my Sprint Unlimited Basic plan
  3. buy the phones and switch to another carrier

What I don’t have is an option to upgrade, after buying these phones to T-Mobile’s free iPhone 12 promotion for new customers…  This is frustrating… I’m 100% Sprint… nothing is T-Mobile for me….  Even when I try to chat, from T-Mobiles site, it redirects me to Sprint.

I’m moving forward with option 3 above, trading the phones for 12s and getting full credits, netting the cost of the 12s at a cost of $0.00 per month.

I’m sure others have had this same issue, where you are penalized for being an existing T-Mobile customer, even though you aren’t a T-Mobile customer, per se.  I chatted with 8 different Sprint individuals today at Sprint (they kept passing me around, with me ending with someone who appeared to know what they were talking about, and this person cleared the air that I am NOT able to get T-Mobiles ‘new customer’ offerings)…  The person chatting even told me they felt my frustration.  I ended the conversation with I’d be going to AT&T for the next 30 months, getting their FREE iphone 12 offer, trading in the seven iPhone 11s for 12s… owing at the end of the 30 months.  In the end, the total out of pocket costs is much less than what I can get the same phones on T-Mobile.  

Does anyone know why T-Mobile would want someone to have to ‘jump’ to another provider for a couple of years, then jump back, rather than retaining the customer for life?  At the end of the day, I value the total cost of the offering…  30 months with AT&T is going to be around $8,500, including me buying the 11s from Sprint, trading the phones in and going with the Unlimited Elite Lines for all seven phones.  T-Mobile’s cost, being that I’m existing (because of the Sprint connection) isn’t even close.

2 replies


Many of us have experienced this with each of the carriers. Their top priority is to get new customers. To save money they often don’t make the same offerings to existing customers, expecting they’ll probably keep most of them because existing customers won’t want to go through the hassle of changing carriers. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Sprint just made the last lease payment on my iPhone, so I’m in a similar boat. I’ll go ahead and buy the phone, but stay on the plan until September when the new iPhone 13 comes out. At that point, I’ll survey the carrier field to see who has the best upgrade deal.


Sprint changed my agreement without my consent by removing the 6mo payments to own the device making only option 9mo payments instead. I have been going back and forth now made my 7th payment to "rent" the phones with no end in sight.