Equipment payoff

  • 3 February 2022
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Equipment plan was started on 11-7-20. 24 months. So should have ended in Dec. In Dec it said 1 payment left. January was paid about 2 weeks ago. Still says 1 payment remaining. How many 1 payment remainings are there?

2 replies

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If the equipment plan was started on 11-7-20 you're still 10 months away from the 24 months contract.

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No one here has access to your account.  Like gramps said though, you have at least 10 months left on your EIP more than likely.  EIP’s also take a billing cycle or two to start being applied to your bill, so if that date is when you got your device.  The EIP more than likely didn’t start until the next bill, possibly second bill after that.