False charges

  • 16 August 2023
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In January 26, of 2023 I called T-Mobile about WI-FI internet. Equipment shipped on January 28, 2023 and arrive a few days later. The customer service representative asks for my zip code and states that T-Mobile is offering Wi-Fi in your area. He takes my info and inputs the incorrect address and that he can’t change the info. After asking why, he stated he could put it in the notes to be delivered  ti my address. The representative sends the Wi-Fi device and a phone SIM card to the wrong address. The only way I knew it was delivered because I checked my email. I had to go to my neighbors house to retrieve it. After I got the device, I called tech support. Tech support advised that Wi-Fi service is not available in my zip code. Ridiculous. I contacted support and had everything cancelled before shipping. I called T-Mobile for shipping labels to send the equipment back. It was a hassle getting the correct shipping label to send to the correct place. Equipment was shipped back on February 6, 2023. I never used the equipment or activated the SIM cards, six months later I get my credit report with a charge from T-Mobile for service that I never used. I contact support and they say we can see anything on the service past 2 months and cannot help at all. Contact the collection service that we sent the bill to. During that six month period I did not receive a bill or an email regarding anything. If I did receive a bill it’s possible they sent it to the wrong address. The point is I never used service with T-Mobile and was charged for service I didn’t use.

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