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I’ve complained numerous times over a two year period about not receiving calls timely or texts timely,  Calls have gone directly to voicemail without ringing.  My calls to service have led to “fixes” that never worked and most of the time it was happening in my own neighborhood.  I was recently told my area has had a number of complaints and that TMobile has no plans on fixing their equipment to improve service.  When I asked about a sliding scale monthly fee since I’m not getting all the service I’m paying for, I was told my fee ‘just’ gives me access to the system, NOT the quality of service.  My question is, do any of you have similar problems with non-5g phones and do you think it’s fair for TMobile to charge the same fee for less service?  Also, TMobile controls the calls and texts, so isn’t reasonable to hold them accountable for faulty equipment and service?  I’m thinking of complaining to the FCC, and if you’re having similar service problems and arrogant attitude by service, you should also.

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