Good service from T-Mobile so far

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I came over from Verizon after 20 years or so because they didn’t seem to care that I had been a good customer for so long.  The last straw was when they raised my bill by $6.00 a month, just because, I guess.  Their only remedy for me was to buy a more expensive plan.  So I looked into T-Mobile and found the Magenta Max plan and had that for a couple of months and found it was more than I needed.  One, 2 minute phone call (connected to Washington State) and I downgraded to Magenta from Magenta Max, no muss, no fuss.  I just got my new bill and all the changes are correct.  I had a VM problem, and again a quick 611 phone call and I connected with Albuquerque NM, again, a 1 minute or so wait and talked with a nice man and he got with the engineers and said he would call me back in 2 hours, and he did.  

I’ve read so many horror stories here for the last 3 months about customer service, lying reps, etc. and was worried I would have a problem if I had an occasion to call with an issue.  Just the opposite for me, better customer service than Verizon, much more plan for less money.  If it keeps up like this I’ll be a happy camper.  I will add, that I went into a brick and mortar T-Mobile store to let them port my Verizon number which they did with no delay, I walked out with a new phone and my old number. A very competent lady there that knew her stuff.

I just wanted to let others that might wonder about T-mobile service, it’ not all bad.  I have only had positive experiences so far.  I’m not minimizing other’s problems they’ve encountered, but perhaps they are the exception, not the rule.  Time will tell I suppose.  YMMV as always.

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