Horrible Customer service while upgrading Plan and phones

  • 30 September 2023
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Good Morning everyone, 

Last week I called T-Mobile in order to upgrade my two devices.  First of all, the operator told me that I had a very old plan that I needed to change for a newest one.  I don’t recall America being like this before….it is cear that time changes and nowadays they try to take your money in every way possible.  I remember my mom having a plan for years and years! 

Second,  In order to do the upgrade I had to make a payment of $110 for each device….at the beginning she never told me it was going to be a total of $220.  (When online it said that the promotion was $0 down payment) and she said this was for “Activation fee” which I do not understand what is this activation if I already have a T Mobile sim card.  All I can say is: Please inform the client before hand about the details of what your charging for.

Third and most important was the lack of respect for me (the client) I ask: “Which device Iphone 15 would you recommend me?” she said: “you should had done your research before” like she made me feel like I did not know the product and it was my responsability to know the different products myself.

I work in the customer service area also and I know how important is to understand the product you are offering to the client, how important is to respect the client on informing the costs of the products.  I have never told a client to do a research themselves because that is my job.  

I felt pressure and did my selection but now I feel that I did the wrong device selections and it was all because of the rush she did at the moment. 

I encorage everyone to first of all, understand the client’s needs and to have respect, we are living in difficult times in USA and economy is really fragile, salaries are not enough and everything is getting more expensive every week.  If you TMobile want to keep your clients, please offer the best option possible for your clients.  


Thank you 

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