how $1,000 was stolen from me by T-Mobile

  • 3 October 2023
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I was with Sprint for 2 years. Switch to T-Mobile. Within a year T-Mobile gobbled up Sprint. Other than Sprint I believe I've been with T-Mobile for 5 years or more. My average monthly bill runs $300 with four phones and two wireless camera systems with their own data packages. All my bills have been on time for the entire 5 years I've been with T-Mobile.

Out of the blue my wife 22 ultra started heating up real bad and the screen would turn off and turn on randomly. No physical damage to device whatsoever. I called to see what I could do about it and I was told there was a four to six week back order to replace the 22 ultra. I told them I can't wait that long because it's a business line. And that I would just run it through my insurance instead of warranty. I was put on hold 10 minutes later they were sending me out a new phone to my house and it was an upgrade to a 23 ultra. And I was just requested to mail the 22 ultra back with no return package or anything. So I returned it. 4 weeks later I get $1,000 charge on my bill because I guess the screen got messed up during shipping. I spent almost 17 hours on the phone with T-Mobile and the way this was supposed to happen I was supposed to take this phone to a store and turn it in to receive my new phone but T-Mobile just decided to send me the phone to my house. And because the phone got broke during shipping I'm responsible for $1,000 and I had to cough that up and basically mess up a lot of other payments I have to make just to keep cell phone service running to make this $1,000 right. Keep in mind I offered to run this through my insurance and I would have paid $100 for my insurance to replace the phone. T-Mobile charge to send me a phone and have me send mine back and it gets damaged during shipping and now I'm screwed out of $1,000 with T-Mobile should have followed protocol and had me bring the phone in to their store which obviously it would have never got broke during shipping if they would have done that as far as I'm concerned T-Mobile stole $1,000 from me and I'll never forget that.

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