I'm not happy with T-Mobile service


 why do customer  so called expert do lie ? and why is the system does not auto calculate, only takes always extra charge. 

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I'm very happy with T-Mobile and very good severe. Never give up T-Mobile 

Rip off how they charge in short time 

Don’t waste your time signing up for T-Mobile service! Their whole services set up around deception. Ain’t no way did everything I was supposed to do as a customer to receive my rebate! The one thing I look forward to when signing up for Service. There ain’t no way I have to wait three more additional months on top of the three months I’ve already waited! Waste your time with you. Hope y’all they lie. They charge a lot they don’t work with the customers they don’t give you opportunities in the long run. I am done with them and I would not be using this. I was another day after today! I look forward to my rebate over four months and I have to wait another three to get it. That’s stupid ! And so is the person who is in charge of everything at T-Mobile they stand on deception and that’s all I can say. And I tried to make a post recently about the nitty-gritty. It wasn’t accepted topic T-Mobile knows how to block all these bad reviews out, they trying to make themselves look good, and their services are horrible y’all! they overcharge for their phones! It don’t matter if you have the best credit score ever though to ask you for a deposit and a full down payment certain devices. They’re not about the customer they about their own benefits they’re not worried about a loss and a good company does not worry about losses because there’s more games there’s way more games than losses when you’re doing  honest work. T-Mobile is totally deceptive! You’re going to overpay for phones you’re gonna pay almost a year for rebates and promotional offers that you earned and it doesn’t matter how long you paid and how long you’ve been with some things don’t change! You’re still gonna get that beat up on it only last two days I have having their service for two years and buying like 34 of them . I would go prepaid with somebody else such as Verizon, AT&T, any other company other than T-Mobile. It’s a shame they took over Sprint, Sprint was such a good company, and T-Mobile didn’t do anything but tarnish it. I have never heard a phone company ask for a $250 deposit, and the cost of a phone at the same time. It does not work that way I don’t mind doing either or the other, but one thing I’m not fixing to do it. I’m sure a lot of others orange is both of those. Is out of there, Bobby Brown on powder a word. so you want me to give you $250 for deposit and that iPhone 14 Pro Max I chose I have to pay a full $1000 for plus sales tax that’s about $1700! I am not letting T-Mobile offer me for that! Not a day in this world, the fact that we have to wait additionally, to the time they tell us before, claiming these promotions is robust. But when another person is up over 24 hours on their bill, they shut them off. I think T-Mobile won’t even have 20 years in this industry. It’s like a game sprint and unnecessary air in their heads. It’s funny that one of the worst service providers out there requires almost a drop of blood for my customer just to have a decent phone that works reliable overtime with good phone service. when it comes to a durable device, reliable service, with coverage, even in the areas that are the darkest, is something that T-Mobile does not stand on! They stand on getting their money by any means. What is a person who works and owns my own business, we learn that you don’t get that easily like that you don’t get that just because you sell service. you get that For fulfilling the promises that you hand to customers. Bring a relationship and standing on that. It’s probably why T-Mobile don’t keep customers long anyway. At least not me, I won’t be the dummy to pay another bill. Why should I reward company lies to customers! T-Mobile is very deceptive with the offers that they offer new customers such as the promotional discounts and rebates and things like that. If you’re looking to get a rebate out of switching carriers, you will not get that in senator from T-Mobile. That additional time you have to wait you lose that the value decreases. to me it does. That promotion that everything when I signed up for Service several months ago. It finally came. They told me I have to wait 2 to 3 more billing cycles. That’s ridiculous. I pray that this makes it under the noses of some of the executives of your company as well as customers. I pray that no one falls for the same thing that all of us dumb butts have been falling for with T-Mobile. For them to ask for so much, and naïve customers take on the deals they offer and wait for them to never get them ! Let’s simplify this, message little Johnny because Johnny is 10 days past due on his phone bill (from what I hear customers don’t even make it that far past due)is ridiculous to me. The same way y’all cut our service off for no payment, I choose to disconnect on my own terms and move to another company. If y’all don’t wait, why should we





The rent was so long I just posted y’all! Don’t let them rip you off. You think that you’re gonna win that rebate and a good time and you do everything you can for the time you gotta wait longer! I’m telling y’all don’t be no idiots go get Verizon go get AT&T go get any other service besides them. It’s just 5 to 15 bucks more but it will be worth it in a long run. T-Mobile is built of lies and deceptions! I’m not waiting for something I paid for out of my pocket I don’t care if it is a rebate I paid for it I did everything I was supposed to do and what I’m gonna do now is waiting for that and move on because the money I thought I was saving by that I haven’t