I need to ask you something about esim.

  • 15 October 2022
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I bought an iPhone 14 and changed it from physical sim card to esim. I am going back to Korea because I couldn't solve the visa, and if I activate the esim of the Korean carrier in Korea, what will happen to the esim that I activated on T-Mobile? Do I have to deactivate T-Mobile esim when I go to Korea?


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Make sure the phone is unlocked before you leave.  You should be able to delete the esim.  I know you can on an Android phone and I'm sure it's the same as Apple.

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On the iPhone 14, you can have two eSIM profiles so you would be able to use both for a time. T-Mobile has roaming coverage in Korea, so you can keep both plans going. If you do need to cancel your T-Mobile service, make sure you reach out to have the plan fully cancelled so you don’t run into issues later. Cancelling the T-Mobile plan should remove the number from that eSIM. If it does not free up that eSIM, you can also delete it in settings. 

  1. Tap Settings > Cellular.
  2. Tap the plan you want to delete.
  3. Tap Remove Cellular Plan.

Hope this helps!!

I bought the iPhone14 and the Apple worker said they would easily add my Korean phone number at the store when I arrive in Korea. We had checked that my Korean phone provider was on the list for esim. However when I arrived they said they couldn’t add it if I didn’t remove my T-Mobile plan. They scanned a QR code and it had an error. My phone provider in Korea is KT. What should I do? If I remove the T-mobile plan can I just add it back when I return to the US? Is is complicated? 

i want to do esim on my iphone 11


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i want to do esim on my iphone 11


I would like to ask about T-Mobile esim I have installed. 
I am using iPhone SE with Soft bank service and physical soft bank sim and I have installed T mobile esim in US. I am in Japan now and want to buy a new iPhone SE. I went to SoftBank yesterday, and they said that I need to check with T-Mobile to ask if the T mobile esim will work on a new iPhone. Will it?