I-Phone 13 promo and no credit for returned device

  • 25 January 2022
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Does anyone else have issues with TMOBILE  customer service and device credits?

I was forced to upgrade since my android  since it did not support 5G.

I wanted the I-phone 13 but the Easton Columbus OH store was out of them.

They suggested an I-phone 12. I was OK with that if I a device credit was applied for the old phone.

They supplied a USPS slip to return the phone. It was sent and received, but no device credit was applied.  I’ve called customer service 3 time and no update for the credit has been done.

Is this promo a bait and switch operation?

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Update.  I went to the Easton Town Center T-Mobile store and they applied to balance credit.

They discovered there should have been a $400 credit for the device.

They were helpful at the site.