I use T-mobile one, and apply for Auto-pay, why I didn't get $5 discount?

  • 5 August 2018
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I noticed this morning the auto-pay transaction is done with a message say so, however what I've been told once I setup my auto-pay, I will get a $5 discount per line, why did T-mobile still charge me for $75?


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4 replies

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Hm, that's a good question.  When did you set up auto pay? Was it after this bill had generated?

Hi, yes I setup my auto-pay after receive my first bill with t-mobile, but the guy who help me setup this line said it doesn't matter, first I noticed the bill charged me 75 instead of 70 as he told me, I went back to shop to confirm, and that's what he told me. Does it matter? Thanks

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I'm afraid it really does matter. Once the bill is generated, any changes made to the account won't reflect until the next bill is created.

I set up autopsy same day I opened account. Sounds Ike I’m being nickel and dimed by generating bill as soon as sign up so discount doesn’t kick in till next bill .