Keep and switch program

  • 21 December 2023
  • 1 reply


Hoping to get some feedback or help on an ongoing issue that I have with the keep and switch program. Despite being on hours of phone call with customer support, and being told that the claim would be approved as I’ve provided all the necessary documentation, and have been told that that my s23 qualifies for the promotion, my claim keeps getting denied. I’d like to point out that my other device has already been approved and we have received credit for. 

1 reply

Ongoing for me too . . I have a rebate credit card for $200 that doesn't work at least in Apple Pay and I was promised a minimum of $650 . My mom is getting a monthly rebate but my claim isn't denied just nothing else has happened. I feel I should have sorted all this out prior to switching as T-Mobile has not followed through . It isn't that I am unhappy with service but why bait and switch ?