Lies and Charges

  • 5 December 2023
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I started working with tmobile mid Nov to switch over to them. I was told they were going to send me sim cards to lock in the promotion even though I wasn’t planning on starting service until December. They told me no worries, I wouldn’t be charged until I actually activated everything. Weeks later, many discussions and I’m sure some tears, tons of lies, I finally cancelled the whole thing.  I then spoke to a really nice rep who said “call in when you’re ready and we’ll set you up” so I call in and they tell me first I have to go to a store to do this b/c I had an account that was cancelled and secondly I owe them money. I was like “What the hell for? I didn’t ask for anything to be sent.I didn’t ask to create an account” They “credited” my “account” but still.  I will never switch to them. What in the world happened to them. Tmobile was so much better when they weren’t trying to be AT&T

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