• 26 February 2023
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A warning all potential customers should heed. You will feel special in the beginning. You will feel like T-Mobile cares. The moment you sign up, you are forgotten. They are busy moving onto the next victim to lure in. I have been with T-Mobile for nearly 20 years, most of them fine. At one point, there was a loyalty team that was really good. Gone. In my numerous years, I’ve never had a single late payment. Here is how I was recently rewarded. AT&T and Verizon are offering the new S23 Ultra at $0 down, $33.33 per months for 36 months at 0%APR. T-Mobile is offering the same APR but $50+ per month for 24 months. I called, certain they would be willing to match the offer from the other two companies. They proudly offered me the $33.33 but only if I put $549 down. That is insulting. A company I have no blemishes with will not beat, no less match, the offers from companies I have never been associated with. Shameful.

2 replies

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So you are aware based on your logic you will complain after your deal is over with AT&T and Verizon as you won’t get those fuzzy new customer deals.  You won’t get any “loyalty” from them as well.  


I totally agree and had a similar experience.  I was a customer for 20 years and they did absolutely nothing to retain my business.  Then charged me a $36 fee for cancelling mid-monthly-cycle.  I had no idea, or I might have timed it better - this is my first time breaking up with a cellphone carrier.  They offered me no forgiveness.  No gratitude.  They said it was exactly because my account was so old that I was subject to this punishment.  And they were not sorry about it.  It feels really really gross.