Minthly trade-in bill credit not applied

  • 5 December 2021
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I upgraded to a 13 Pro Max recently and traded in my old phone.  The promo was to be a $400 credit to be received as an $85 one-time bill credit (which I did receive this credit), with the remainder to be applied as a monthly credit toward the device.  Although I hav received the one-time $85, no monthly credits have been added to my account.  Please advise as to how this will be corrected. Thank you! (And yes, I do see the spelling error in the title of this post, but I don’t see any way to correct it LOL)

3 replies

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Promos granting monthly bill credits can take up to 2 billing cycles to start appearing on your account.  You will receive all of your credits.  It just takes a little time for them to be applied. 


It has been another 29 days since my post, and still not monthly credit has been applied for my device trade in, only the initial $85.


Since the time I traded, my daughter (who is on my plan) also traded in a phone and has recevied her one-time credit AND the monthly credit has already been applied.  


I would appreciate any help a T-Force representative could give me!  We just had AT&T fiber internet installed, and they are pushing us to move our cell service to AT&T with a very good plan. I have been a long-time T-Mobile customer and fan (we have 7 lines!), but I expect TMO to fulfill the terms of the trade-in agreement in full.


Thanks in advance!

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To reach a T-Force rep, you need to contact T-Mobile via Facebook or Twitter.