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  • 20 November 2018
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It is exceptionally frustrating to not be able to make changes on an account where I am the owner. My husband and I are on the account. As well as our children. There is absolutely NO reason we can not have 2 authorized people On the account. Every single time I need to make changes on the account I have to have a code sent to my husbands phone, call him at work, then make the changes. No matter how much or often we have told you guys there are two full fledged adults on the line. We don’t need or want your protection from ourselves. Please change this. We have called numerous times on this issue. Each time being ”warned” that this other authorized user can make changes to the account. Then asking if we are absolutely SURE we want this? Of course we are sure. Then they say they have changed it. Then you try to do something and nope. Not an authorized user. So annoying. Just let people decide for themselves what kind of security they want. I’d prefer to never have to be sent a code...authorized user or not.


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3 replies

I just want to authorize my sister 1 time to access my account 

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You are right about that, but T-Mobile does allow for 3 users on the account (the Primary person of whose account is in their name and two authorized users).  I'm seriously wondering why you're having such a hard time getting this straightened out if you've requested to be added several times.  Is the account in your husband's name? He would need to be the one to call in and request the change as only the primary can add and remove authorized users.  That's literally the only reason I can think of that adding your name to the account wouldn't be successful.  Is he active on social media? If so, I'd recommend reaching out to T-Force to have this situation fixed very quickly.

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The PAH can add you using your MyTmobile account.

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