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  • 14 November 2023
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So I have been a sprint customer for over 20 years never had a late payment...20 years!! My mom recently got sick n since then I have had some unforseen financial burdens and was a day late on my monthly payment after a text message that my account had apast due amount...when I didn't pay it they susspend3d my account n made me pay an extra $20 per line to get my service Connected again.. 20 years of payments n they do this to me. I'm sooo passed n disappointed that I'm considering closing g my account t n going g somewhere else.spri t has never done anything for me as incentive for being a good customer never a new phone or an upgrade or anything free to show their appreciation. They just take from me n that's it. So my question I being narcissistic or feeling g entitled or just being a big crybaby for  being upset about this or do I have a right to be pissed about this. Please tell me if I'm being g rediculous by expecting special treatment or something from I was writing g this I was thinking King omg I so d like my granddad...lolol

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did you try contacting them prior to try and get an extension?


a bit surprised they would suspend an account for it being one day over unless its a habitual thing..then i can see them getting a bit pushy.


another thing to keep in were with Sprint for 20 years..not TMO..technically you have been with TMO for only a few years if you moved over with the merger.