my iphone 13

  • 25 June 2022
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i broke the screen to my iphone and the back piece as well. i know i had either a warranty or insurance and my question is im tryna get it fixed but im not trying to pay 378 or whatever just got a screen when theres other phone companys that keep sending stuff saying theyll pay my bill and give me the newest phone if i switch. so is there any way you can let me know if i can get my phone fixed for cheap if not ima just have to leave t mobile especially with everything getting more and more pricey.

let me no what i can do

please and thanks



1 reply

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Sorry to hear about your bad luck but I give you props for taking full accountability. The most economical decision is to jump to other carriers who promise a trade in regardless of condition. However, when you read the fine print, most of those say “with trade in on select phones”. What that means is that you have to buy a new phone from that carrier and they also have final say on whether your trade in qualifies. Even assuming you get the full trade in value of your phone, you have to consider the trade off with buying a new phone at full price from that carrier.

Did you check with Apple? They are rolling out a self service screen replacement that costs less than having Apple do it. This should save you a few bucks.