need to cancel a pending order that isn't going through

  • 31 May 2022
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I tried to order three phones online and my credit card denied it as a suspicious transaction. I have straightened it out with my credit card and T Mobile says I have to resubmit a completely new order but it shows the first order as pending and no-one seems to be able to cancel it. I have never received a confirmation email and doubt there are phones on the way. I can't afford a mistake where I end up with six phones.


1 reply

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I think you are fine and shouldn’t worry. I had UPS lose my phone delivery once and TMobile had to send me a replacement. The original lost order still showed pending for about 6 months before it stopped showing up in my orders. Also note that Tmobile does not just sell phones without plans so your new phones are already tied to their respective lines so Tmobile cannot just bill you for another phone on the same lines.