No financing for Sprint customers

  • 27 July 2023
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I finally need to upgrade my s9 from 2019 but it seems tmobile has decided not to allow financing for many former sprint customers.  I was finally officially ported over to tmobile from sprint roughly two months ago, having been with sprint since 2012.  I now have six lines with them, have never missed a payment, and always leased or financed every phone with my automatic bill pay.  Customer service is now telling me that they will not evaluate any financing options for at least six months to a year now that i am officially ported over to tmobile.  Their reasoning is that sprint was more lax in their financing and they need time to evaluate and establish a history as an existing customer.  Does this make sense to anyone?  I will authorize a credit check and treat me like a new customer.  I guess if I want a new phone I just need to take my business to verizon.  This is an asinine and wholly unnecessary decision.

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