North Lane Issue

  • 8 August 2023
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Received 2 North Lane promotional cards and downloaded them to the Iphone $300/$99. The Wallet doesn’t show the entire card number and only shows the last 4 digits. Not sure how to fix that because I can’t even provide a complete account number when trying to get to the bottom of why they consistently get declined. Joke


 I gave up on both cards at one point and then tried it again and all of a sudden I got two transactions to work on one of the cards.

$300 Card

7/22 42.46

7/22 149.50 

Then declined and declined again and declined again at different merchants. 


The $99 card has never worked.  declined everytime


This program is an absolute disaster and waste of time.  My phones are about to be unlocked and I’m 100% done with T-Mobile. Complete waste of my time.

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