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  • 28 July 2022
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Just out of curiosity is there a late fee when you make a payment arrangement before your bill is due? 

4 replies

No. Any balance paid after the due date may be subject to late fees. Payments are processed in the Central time zone.

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I would say that ultimately depends on how much notice you gave to T-Mobile before your payment is considered late.  Payment extensions take time to process into the system just like most other things.  If it can take 2 days to confirm a payment, then it seems likely that 2 days at a minimum would be expected to make sure that payment extension is processed before your account is considered past due.  Technically, making payment arrangements doesn’t mean your payment still isn’t late but I have never had a late payment to know one way or another.  

I wish I could edit my comment but since I cannot. According to the FAQs, if your payment arrangement is after your due date, you will be accessed a late fee on your next bill. You could call* and ask for an accommodation to have it waived, but arrangement or not, the fee applies.

*Calling to set up an arrangement will also result in a fee.

Ive never been charged a late fee with payment arrangements before but this month they charged me super disappointed as a 22 plus year customer