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  • 31 May 2022
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If I order a sim card online and have it shipped, when does the plan start? I would also like to know how long I have to activate the sim card before the account gets deactivated. I am currently overseas right now and would like to have a sim card before I get back to the states. Is it possible to order my card now and activate it in July?

1 reply

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Hey Droid! How exciting that you are able to travel overseas! I totally appreciate the amount of preplanning you are doing because I am a planner myself.

If you order a sim card with a phone number, everything is activated at the time of shipment. I would recommend waiting until a bit closer to the time you will be back to place the order, so you are not paying for time that you are not using the service. Depending on the shipping method you choose during the order, I would say place the order about a week before you get back. Also, I do not believe it is able to be shipped out of the states, so that may factor in to when you want to do the order. 

I hope this helps. Safe travels!