Prepaid plan e-sim purchase error 505

  • 26 November 2021
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I tried to purchase prepaid esim with your application(Prepaid eSIM) in iphone today. 

(My iphone is SE2)

I entered every essential information including credit card. 

But after putting into credit card information, I’ve got messege that “There is an issue completing your order…..(error 505) (cart id CTM0D1UNO04923) 

Yet, I’ve got a text message informing charge $43.03 just at that moment. 

What happened to my account & purchase? 

How can I activate it? 

I can not call your support team cuz I’m not in the USA now. 

Plz let me know how can I handle this situation or how can I get refund.


1 reply

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You can try downloading your eSIM using the instructions at the following link.  T-Mobile eSIM | T-Mobile Support  Prepaid transactions are non-refundable.  T-Mobile’s prepaid services are meant for use within the USA with very limited roaming.