Price proposed and agreed to in chat not honored

  • 12 July 2023
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I chatted with someone on 6/14 about ways to get Netflix added to my account as I was on a Sprint legacy plan. I was told (with discounts and such) that I was put on a Magenta plan and my bill would be a certain price. I was also told those discounts would be valid for as long as my plan was active. One month later I get an email about my bill, and it is 50 dollars more than I was quoted. Chat again and a refund was issued. Next, I get an email from Netflix saying my account is on hold as T-Mobile is no longer paying. I chat again, and am told that I am not on Magenta and the only way to get Netflix is to get on Magenta. How are the chat agents allowed to lie to customers?

0 replies

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