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  • 11 October 2021
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I have a family account with 8 lines. Now 5 lines (including myself) want to switch out to other carrier, and remain 3 lines will stay with Tmobile.

My questions:

  1. If I switched out, what will happen to remain 3 lines? will they still work in same family plan?
  2. Since I am the owner, if my line moved out, will any of remain 3 lines be account owner? or the family account will be closed, and the remain 3 lines will be on their own (but still working)?
  3. Or as an owner, I should first switch the 5 lines, and then remove the remain 3 lines from my family account, and then close family account? in this case will the other 3 lines still function-able (just as individual line)?




3 replies

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Customer Care would best be able to answer those questions for you.  This is primarily a peer help forum.  No one here has access to your account.  

Porting out usually isn’t an issue, but it can become a little more complicated with multiple lines.  


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Since you are currently the amount owner and your line is moving to another carrier, you won’t be able to keep the remaining lines unless you transfer your account to one of the lines that is remaining. However, the account owner transfer is only granted in a narrow range of cases so you should call TMobile support to see if you qualify for that.