• 15 September 2018
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how can I track my rebate

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Good luck. We have been trying to get the ‘keep and switch rebate’ since January of this year. It’s now May. Every week a rep says the rebate card has been sent as digital rebates are not available, (phone reps say digital has not been working since January.) Clearly the rebate is never coming but their reps are apparently trained to tell their customers that the check or card is in the mail. Yeah, right!! Horrible way to do business.

This link keeps bringing me back to this page 

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Submit and track a rebate

T mobile promised rebate is fraud.  They advertise they will pay off your phones after you switch to their service.  I transferred service from ATT and submitted all of the forms with receipts. I have called many times and received different responses but no rebate. First told it is coming.  Next told that only 1 phone received rebate and the card was sent.  I have received nothing.  I tell the rep this and I am sent a link for the rebate but this does not work because I have no card number to enter.  I have worked on this for months and it is very disappointing.  I think T mobile deliberately makes the process so difficult that people will just give up.  But this isn’t right. It is fraud, false advertising.  I suspect most people have similar experience.  Please communicate if you have a similar problem. 

How can I start a rebate?