Recurring Device Credits (RDC) if i use the device on different account

  • 13 February 2022
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Hi - I am currently using another old phone (Iphone 7) on one of my lines for which I get Recurring device credit (RDC). The phone linked to this line and RDC (Samsung phone) is currently not used. I am planning to give it to my dad to use it on a new Tmobile account.  My question -  if I continue to make my monthly payments and keep my original line active, will I lose the credit (RDC), if the phone is activated on a new Tmobile account? 



1 reply

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T-Mobile doesn’t require devices to be activated to be used.  If you give your device to your Dad and you are still paying it off.  You will still receive those recuring credits that are a part of your promotion.