Recurring Monthly Charges

  • 23 October 2023
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I signed up for the 2-phones unlimited data plan automatically deducted from my bank account of an advertised rate plan of $64/month. That has worked for a few months. The $64 is deducted on same day each month from my checking account. Now, all of a sudden T-Mobile is charging $64.01 for a month’s service ? ?

2 replies

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did the promo end/complete or did anything on the account change that would affect the promo?


if neither of those you might opt to contact TMO either by calling in (tier 1 support) or by Facebook/Twitter (tier 2 support) so they can look into it. no one in here has account access.

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Did you change any free add ons like Netflix? If you did you will be charged taxes for the new rate which could be a prorated charge.