Refill emails for account without phone number

  • 25 March 2023
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I keep getting emails saying “Your T-Mobile account needs to be refilled”, despite all my numbers having been canceled. I only used it when I was traveling to the US.

When I log in into my account, I can’t even get to it because I am blocked on having to link my phone number to my account, but I don’t have a phone number.


How can I stop these emails?


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4 replies

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If it's a prepaid account, it's just a notice that the number is getting close to put into the number pool to be reissued.


Thanks! But how can I log into my account and change settings or delete it, without a phone number I could link?

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You can ignore the message, it's only sent as a courtesy letting you know it's your last chance if you want to keep the number.

The only way, post paid or prepaid, to contact Tmobile is by calling support after an account has been terminated.


Thank you. Unfortunately I am not in the US, so I can’t call T-Mobile (without paying hefty international calling fees).