Remaining EIP Balance on Feb bill is same as January bill.

  • 14 February 2023
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Anyone else notice that their Remaining EIP balances on the February bill is identical to the January bill? Somehow TM screwed up their billing software and didn’t credit payments against the EIP balance. In short, the remaining balances didn’t change between the January and February bills.  This issue probably affects many customers other than myself, but it’s been over a week since I spoke with an India based rep without it being resolved.  Because of the Samsung S23 offers expiring in a couple days, in order to upgrade, I had to pay off an incorrect and too high remaining balance on one of my devices.  Now I’m going to have to deal with someone to get the overpayment refunded.  And I’m sick and tired of waiting on 30+ minute holds before speaking with someone who doesn’t understand the problem and hasn’t been trained to deal with it properly.

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