Replacement phone not equilivent to my phone

  • 19 September 2023
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Anyone else experience this. My screen cracked and I tried having my device repaired through Assurant  I tried having the phone screen fixed but, they did not have a repair place within 100 miles of where I live. I was forced to file a claim to replace the phone. The initial discussion was to replace my Galaxy s22 ultra with a Galaxy s23 ultra. However, when the phone arrived it was a Galaxy s22 plus which is missing multiple features that my current phone has including a stylis that I use daily for business and it has 5 cameras,The replacement  has S22 plus only has 3 cameras, no stylis and is much smaller. I have called to discuss the in which they claim they do not have my original phone nor do the have the updated version. They said to return the phone they sent out and I would have to wait. Then the phone mysterioulsy hung up and when I called back it was too late with no available managers the only suggestion was to send back the replaced phone and wait until something else becomes available. Paying for insurance since 2013 with T mobile/ assurant is has paid for multiple phones and I cannot get one when I need it. This is obsurd! Any suggestions on how to get the same phone or better??

Excuse the spelling: “equivalent”

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