Returned device confirmed but lost by T-Mobile

  • 28 February 2022
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I asked for a replacement WIFI router from T-Mobile in 12/21. I received it with instructions on returning the bad device. I used the same box, the enclosed packing slip and packed the return device and shipped it. I have the confirmation that the box was left on the dock in Ft. Worth at the T-Mobile dock. T-Mobile says they never received the device and want to charge me with failure to return. I have spent hours(YES) on hold listening to awful music and then argues with someone that I cannot understand thousands of miles away who attempts to assure me that he/she understands my frustration.

How do I remove this charge and the customer allegation that I returned the wrong device?

2 replies


Thank you

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At this point in time you want to document the situation in the form of a letter invoking the Fair Credit Billing Act.