Saving money with existing plan, discounts?

  • 23 February 2024
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Howdy, we currently have the Magenta line on three phones. I do like the service but am now on a fixed retiree budget. I don’t utilize the plan/phone nearly as much as my wife or daughter. I currently receive a military discount and pay $120 for the three lines. I own the phones. I am forever seeing unlimited plans that cost far less. I am wondering if I am enjoying the best cost for what I receive or are there more savings to be had with staying where I am at. I would just as soon skip the hassle in changing but that depends on my monthly cost. I am retired and the wife is nearly 60 years old and a homemaker. Any ideas? Worth contacting T-mobil and negotiating or is that a dead end? Thanks in advance!

4 replies

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If you are the PAH (Primary Account Holder), The Magenta 55+ plan or the Essentials plan might be a cheaper alternative if they meet your needs.  Reach out to Customer Care at 611 or send a DM (private message) to T-Mobile on Facebook or Twitter to inquire further and to have them look over your account for any other possible ways to save some money.  

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The new unlimited plans cost more now because they have all the “free” perks baked in the prices.

I have a One 55+ plan and pay $70 a month for 2 lines of unlimited  but I don't get Netflix, Hulu or any of those “free” add ons.

If you're not the PAH you can port you're number to a MNVO. I have a line on Kroger iWireless that I pay $15 a month for unlimited call and sms and I believe 5gbs of data.

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The Military plans are some of the lowest cost plans that we have. You can shop our other plans on or through the app to see if any of the current plans might save you any money. Not sure if you are already enrolled, but another easy way to save money on your bill is to set up Autopay with a debit card or bank account number. $5 per month per line is a pretty good chunk. 

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You can always check out Tmobile’s Connect plans.