Scam on service and tradein

  • 11 June 2024
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Went into store looking for current promos and offers, was with Xfinity.  Had 2 Iphone 12 (less than 2 years old) and 1 brand new Iphone 11, the free Iphone 15 on us promo was intriguing.  Was told I could trade in all 3 phones and get 3 new phones free.  First SCAM! They reduced the amount on the Iphone 11 and now I have a monthly charge.  Second SCAM and the biggest one.  I asked how much for 3 phones monthly, was told $150, I stated too much, as I paid $30 x 3 phones with xfinity, around $125 with tax.  They told me I could use work perks, discount of 15% down to $127 per month-AWESOME!  Sign me up, this was back in March.  I have been calling and calling and going into the store-5X so far, and the $150 for 3 phones was a promo and I can’t stack promos.  BAIT AND SWITCH!  A few have tried to put an insider code on, and that has not worked!  It seems somewhere up the chain that what I was communciated directly in the store would be applied.  The store people did not even know that the $150 was a promo and I could not stack.  BUT WHY would I change from Xfinity at $125 to pay $25 more per month????

There should be some override from upper management to handle what their customer service agents stated multiple times before I decided to switch!  Now if I want to go back to Xfinity I have to buy out the phones, if I could return them and get my $$ back for upgrading them to a pro, I would be OUTTA HERE!  

VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!  Come on T-mobile, own up to the mistakes of your team members and make things right!!!!!!!!!


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